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In this moving and at times danceable album,Canadian-Guyanese Fauzya Moore sings songs of the seasons of her life – which include Canada's Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, and also Rainy and Dry seasons.  This album speaks to anyone who has lived or travelled in the tropics, in the hot countries of world and to everyone who lives in colder countries. With songs from Canada,Argentina, Britain, Mexico, the Czech Republic and her native Guyana this is truly a “world fusion” album. Fauzya moves easily between bossa nova, jazz, latin, folk and soul in her exploration of the seasons in many parts of the world.  

“From the opening bars you recognise that these songs are being sung like you have never heard them before; and you just want to keep listening…..Stabroek News, Guyana, February 14, 


"I was head of Radio Demerara for many years but I never heard the magic in the word "Demerara" until I listened to this album." Rafiq Khan, former Executive Director of Radio Demerara

"This album is more than a debut album....." Dr Vibert Cambridge, GCA Online Magazine. 

At first I thought it would be difficult to find songs for rainy and dry seasons. In fact it was spectacularly easy. Seasons determine when we embrace the weather, when we hide from it , when we get married, when we go to work, when we celebrate, when we go on holiday   – to everything there is a season....

So I went back to Guyana where I was born and looked among its beautiful and rarely performed songs to find songs of the Rainy and Dry seasons. The result is an album of songs that speaks to the whole world and whose songs come from the whole world, and with a special emphasis on the songs of Guyana, a country with two Rainy and two Dry Seasons.

These songs have been in my heart for a long time. I hope they become part of yours.

Photograph by Fauzya Moore:  Kaieteur Falls, Guyana, taken in the Rainy Season